Spring at Salmon Run

Yesterday the kids needed a bit of outdoor time, so we checked the tide book and headed up to Salmon Run.  It's one of our favorite places in Whittier and we visit often in the summer time.  This is what it looked up at Salmon Run in late February.  That's the bathroom building.

There's much less snow now, though still plenty!  We trudged over at least 4 feet of slush.

As always, winter changed the landscape a bit.  New driftwood has been deposited, the water channels are a bit different, and the shoreline has been eroded.  We had a really rough storm in the fall (the day the liquor store burned down!) that happened in conjunction with a very high tide.  There was massive erosion down along the shoreline at the harbor, too.

It was pouring (and I somehow got all of the kids' rain gear but forgot my own raincoat!) but we managed to have a good time anyway!

Kelsey's class just completed a mini-unit on Alaska sea life, so she was delighted to find lots of snails, mussels and barnacles in her exploring.  She was particularly taken with this log and the crack in it.  "Look at all of the things living in this wide crack!" she exclaimed.  

When we were all frozen, we headed home for hot chocolate!


  1. Priceless- glad you & the girls had a good time :-)


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