Mother's Day

Hehe!  Two years ago I got a special pedicure we played on the playground for the first time of the season.  Fat chance at that this year; the playground is still under at least 6 feet of snow!  But it had to be better than last year's, right?!?!  And it was! 

The girls were so sweet, waking me up with snuggles and gifts they had made me in school.  Scott is out of town for a bit, but they handled it all quite nicely, even "taking me out" for ice cream.  The weather here is crummy...windy and slushing/snaning/squishy raining--whatever you want to call it, so we had to dress in layers, head to toe rain gear and rubber boots to get to the ice cream shop, but we made it!

Yesterday we had a little photo shoot in our living room, so here are the two cuties who make me so proud to be their mama!


And although it's slightly out of focus, I just have to share this one because it makes me laugh!


  1. Yes the girls are growing up way tooooooo fast :-)
    Good pictures


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