Birthday Craftiness

The Saturday before Miss Stacy's birthday Scott took her out for hot chocolate while Kelsey and I worked on these two projects.  Stacy had been looking forward to getting her own twirly dress since she and I made Kelsey's in February, so she was quite delighted to open hers on birthday morning!  As soon as I wash it she wears it again, so yes...she's already stained it!  Oh least it's loved!

The other thing we whipped up was a "5 shirt" as it's become known around here.  The shirt is more purple than this picture shows...darn late night indoor photography!  Stacy likes it...that's what's important.  And Kelsey had so much fun sitting on my lap, making gifts for her sister.  Precious moments those are...


  1. Precious moments when the girls make or help make things for each other as well as for others. Appreciated by all.
    Good job girls :-)


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