A Visit From the Tooth Fairy

Gosh!  Seems like she just got all of those teeth, but yesterday she lost her first one.  I had finished up the tooth fairy mailbox that she's holding there the day before...just in time!  She lost it in the late morning, so she had all day to fret about exactly where to put the mailbox and whether or not the tooth fairy would and should take the tooth or leave it.  We went down to the Donut Depot to celebrate their first day open of the season and the owner there is the grandma of one of Kelsey's friends from preschool.  She told Kelsey that her former classmate had written a letter to the tooth fairy asking her to leave the tooth and that she had, so Kelsey decided to follow that lead.  Of course by bedtime she had changed her mind, so when I tucked them into bed the plan was to let the tooth fairy take the tooth.  When the tooth fairy arrived however, the note had found its way out of the garbage can!  Here's the note...

The girls also spent the better part of the late afternoon cleaning and decorating their room for the tooth fairy.  Kelsey drew the fairy picture and Stacy wrote the note below...

The note reads "Dear tooth fairy I hope that" and then she got tired of writing!  Gotta love those almost 5 year olds!

Of course, the tooth fairy would never waste a literary opportunity so she left Kelsey a note.  Both girls were completely impressed that she somehow knew both of their names!

Kelsey was delighted with the special coin...and (as usual) Stacy is eagerly awaiting her turn!


  1. This is priceless. Was happy to share her excitement with her on the phone. She was ever so excited. :-) Congratulations Kelsey. You are growing up way too fast. :-0

  2. The tooth fairy must have some strong arms- she gives gold coins in Portland too.

  3. so cute
    i remember when my liitle cousin norah was afraid of loosing her tooth! when she finally lost it she said byby toothy


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