Signs of Spring

It's happening!  Our trip to Anchorage this weekend highlighted that we have indeed transitioned into springtime up here; there's hardly any snow left in Anchortown outside of their giant snow storage piles.  Of course, here in Whittier we still have snow at least 10 feet deep (and deeper!) anywhere that wasn't/hasn't been plowed.  Still, we've noticed some signs in recent days:

:: snow machines coming in and out of Whittier--when the snow melts on the other side of the tunnel, Whittier becomes a hotbed of snow machine activity!
:: boats heading in and out of the harbor
:: lots of boats on the Seward Highway and in line at the tunnel
:: RVs on the Seward Highway
:: longer lines at the tunnel
:: slower passage through the tunnel as folks slow down to take pictures
:: more strangers in line at the the winter you can always get out and talk to someone you know...not so much in the spring and summer
:: fresh seafood again--halibut, shrimp, and octopus in the last week
:: parking at the BTI is getting scarcer
:: Great Pacific is opening the fish processing plant
:: the first of our seasonal businesses opened last week--and the plywood is coming down off some others!

I know that many of you out there see the more traditional signs of grass, daffodils, blooming dogwood trees, etc.  We will see those July! :-)  Happy Spring!