Oh!!  Whittier has truly been beautiful these past few days! The above picture shows how calm the water was yesterday.  It was 45 degrees which is apparently t-shirt weather for my little Alaskan ladies!

The only problem is that we still have roughly nine gazillion inches of snow left on the ground, so really the only place to play is down at the harbor where the wind manages the depth and there's already bare rocks. And puddles.  Around here kids+puddles+rocks=a really good time!

Even I am not immune to climbing on a few rocks or tossing a few into the water!  There's a kid in all of us, particularly on perfect days like these.

Of course, the pedestrian tunnel is flooded as usual this time of year, so we get to take the longer route around, the girls on their bikes.  Thankfully they're old enough this year that it seems to be well within their ability.  I have noticed that it gets quiet real fast in their bedroom after lights-out though;  nothing like a few hours of good outdoor play to wear a kiddo out!

We are all dreaming of the day the playground is play-able again.  Thus far however, it has yet to peek out from under its blanket (prison?) of snow!  Hopefully by the end of May...if we have to dig it out with shovels ourselves!!

Happy Spring!


  1. Beautiful pictures. :)
    So nice to see spring here isn't it.


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