Learning to Ski

Finally!  For Kelsey's birthday she had asked for us to take her to Alyeska so she could ski.  The weather in February however, was terrible.  Snowing, blowing, and in general totally nasty so that not only could Scott not get out of town, but the girls wouldn't have had much fun at all.  This weekend however, was great!  Sunny, warm, and lots of fun.

We didn't tell the kids what we were up to, just loaded them up into the car.  First we took them to breakfast at The Bake Shop in Girdwood.  Yum!  We had a little more time to kill, so we went up to the hotel and walked around a bit.  We've been there before, but there's lots of art to see throughout the building.  Finally it was time to head over to the day lodge.

We started out by renting boots and skis for Kelsey, then proceeded to the 'magic carpet' area.  The magic carpet is the newer version of a rope-tow on a bunny hill.  The kiddos ski down the hill, then step onto what is essentially a skiier conveyor belt and they ride to the top and head down again. 

When we first began talking about skiing back in February, Stacy was not at all interested.  She was totally convinced that she would be much happier drinking hot chocolate and watching.  All of that changed however, once she saw Kelsey on skis!  Once she saw her sister and all of the other little kids having fun she wanted in on the action, so we headed inside and rented her a set of skis as well.  Once both kids were skiing there was more watching and helping than picture snapping.  The girls skied for 2 hours straight before Scott and I became concerned that they might fall asleep on the magic carpet ride back to the top, so we loaded them up into the car and headed home.  Stacy slept like a rock the whole way home...somehow Kelsey managed to fight off sleep.

It was a very fun morning...lots of pictures over on Fotki for your perusal!


  1. I am so PROUD of the girls. They had a wonderful experience learning to ski. Looks like a fun time for all including mom & dad as well. Watch out they'll challenge mom & dad to a run with them. :-)


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