Fun times!  A dear friend gave us gift certificates to one of our favorite spots for Christmas.  The kids had a blast, of course, and Scott and I enjoyed watching them...and playing a bit ourselves!

We were ALL tired at the end of the day...that was for sure!

The other highlight of the day was the girls' first official haircuts.  Up until now they've always had mama cuts.  Lately though, they've been wanting shorter hair which shows mama's amateur skills more than longer hair.  So off we went to Great Clips.  They were so excited and had so much fun...it was adorable!  Much more adorable than my camera phone pictures show...

On the way home we stopped at everyone's favorite restaurant, Chair 5 in Girdwood.  Yum!  A great ending to a great day!


  1. Water is loved by all the Korbe's :-)

    Adorable hair cuts. Girls looks so pleased & happy :-)


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