A Fun-Filled Day

What a wonderful Easter!  Easter is such a hard day to teach kids about in my humble opinion.  Christmas is easy...Jesus was born--it's pretty much a G-rated happy story.  Easter...not so much!  There's a lot of heavy stuff around Easter that is challenging for me to explain to the girls.  And yet it is important to me that we try.  I know their understanding will be built over years of hearing the stories, but sometimes I struggle with how much to tell and when to tell it.  Last year we tried the resurrection eggs and that went really well...but for some reason I didn't dig them out this year.  Instead we stuck to the various kiddo bibles that we have. Reading and re-reading, talking and re-telling. 

So, back to the wonderful-ness!  It really was a great day!  We kicked it off with the our community pancake breakfast and egg hunt held annually at the school.  Scott was again the head chef for the breakfast and the kids of the community had a blast hunting eggs.  30 minutes to hide the eggs, 3 minutes for them to find them all; 30ish kids and 500 eggs!

After the egg hunting, we cleaned up and headed home for some quiet time.  Mama *might* have squeezed in a nap!  The afternoon was filled with playing with all of the goodies found in the eggs and then we headed off to have Easter dinner with friends.  The girls and I had made cupcakes and a bunny cake on Saturday, then I made Grandma Paul's rolls and a salad as well.

Anyone who went hungry had no one to blame but themselves!  The menu included: ham, lamb, mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, gravy, rolls, salad, chips & dip, deviled eggs, cake, and cupcakes!

It was truly a wonderful day full fun with friends and family!