At the Kitchen Table

I have talked before about all of the different types of seafood we've processed in our kitchen.  Scott and I have halibut processing down to a science!  He came home with something new last night though...octopi!  Yes...two!

These beauties came to us courtesy of some friends who went out on Sunday for the first shrimp opener of the season.  The ornery guys worked their way into the shrimp pots!

Scott cleaned and cut up the first (and bigger) one.  That left the smaller intact to share with the girls this morning.  What fun!  I know some kids wouldn't be into this, but mine are the kids who you have to remind NOT to touch every dead salmon they see in the fall during spawning.  They're so curious!  They were really interested in it...they went so far as to somehow poke a hole in it and discover a tiny little shrimp the thing had recently eaten!

Scott made fun of me when I pulled out their little magnifying glasses for them to inspect the tentacles with.  Apparently he is under the impression that not every household is stocked with kid-sized magnifying glasses!  Either way...the girls put them to use right away and spent a good 20 minutes checking the whole thing out.  For anyone who is keeping track that's now clams, shrimp, oysters, salmon, rock fish, and octopus that we've investigated, processed, and later eaten at our kitchen table!

Now...I'm off to find a recipe for something to make for dinner so we can try it out!


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