An Amazing Day!

Whittier from the air
Wow!  You know, when I put my name on the ballot for a local school board seat last July I had no idea how much traveling I would do.  It has turned out to be an incredible experience!  I've had the opportunity to work with the dedicated people on our local school board, meet our phenomenal staff across the district as well as our talented students and their families.  In addition, I've met amazing school board members from across the state.  It is so energizing to be surrounded by so many dynamic people!

Yesterday marked another first in my book.  My first flight on a little plane!  We held our monthly school board meeting in one of our village schools--Chenega Bay.  Below is a map of our school sites. A) Tatitlek, B) Chenega Bay and C) is Whittier.  Our district office is in Anchorage.  We also operate a state-wide correspondence program with large populations in Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Valdez. 

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One of our goals as a school board this year was to hold a meeting in each of our communities.  The board came to Whittier in September, we went to Chenega this month, and next month we're slated to fly out to Tatitlek.  We are working to be more connected to our communities.

Yesterday's meeting included the usual school board business but the highlight was breaking ground on new teacher housing for our teachers in Chenega.  We are all excited to provide them with housing that is not falling down around their heads!  It was terrific to see the village, meet the kids, parents, and staff at the school.  We all had lunch together...and enjoyed the sunshine as much as we could!

As usual, I took roughly a million pictures!  I'll share a few here, but if you want to see more click on over to Fotki.

Chugach Mountains
Prince William Sound
Chenega Bay
It was the perfect day for a flight and a ground breaking! 


  1. Beautiful pictures. what an opportunity to see more of Alaska. :-)


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