Wow.  We have really had some weather here for the past week or so!  Snow, snow, and more snow, interspersed by wind, wind, and more wind.  Here in Whittier we are not strangers to this sort of weather, but it is unusual to get it at this time of year--this sort of storm is more typical in March and April.  Other towns in Prince William sound, however, are not so prepared.  Cordova and Valdez been in the news, mainly because their populations are bigger.  The villages of Tatitlek and Chenega Bay (also part of our school district) are also getting hammered, but like Whitter they aren't getting much (any?) media attention.

On the up side, on the days of the heaviest snowfalls lately the wind has stopped, so the girls and I were out both on Thursday and Saturday.  It was fantastic!  Sledding on Saturday was the best!  We went out both in the morning and in the afternoon.  The bigger kids had been out mid-day and smoothed out a nice little run complete with a little jump that was just right for kids big and small, so we got to enjoy the fruits of their labor during our afternoon jaunt.

Here are a few pictures to illustrate our fabulous weather...

10am on Sunday morning--the car had been completely cleaned off and parked in a cleared out spot at 7pm on Saturday evening

A friend's full-size Toyota Tundra--parked Tuesday night, this picture taken on Saturday night as we prepared to dig it out.

 Our school playground...not so slowly disappearing!

Stacy and I on Saturday in the middle of our sledding-fest

Of course, the downside of all of this is that Scott hasn't had a day off in forever.  He and his crew have been plowing, plowing, plowing, and plowing some more.  Hopefully Mother Nature will back off soon and give them a break.  Until then...


  1. Thinking of you guys up their. Alot of snow it appears. Looka like you can still have fun. Poor dusty :-)


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