Recipes I Love Lately

I love trying new recipes, so I thought I'd share a few that we've been loving lately!  Many thanks to Pinterest for helping me find all of these...though do be cautious about browsing over there if you're hungry! 

First up, my new favorite soup!  This delicious cheddar broccoli...easy peasy and soooo delicious.  Everyone here likes it and I can make it in half an hour.  I have tweaked the recipe a little, adding in some garlic and by using frozen broccoli I can cut the cooking time in half.  

image source and recipe
Next up, this Crispy Cheddar Chicken.  Anyone who knows my hubby knows that chicken is not his favorite food, but even he loved this!  It's another quick and delicious one.  I omitted the additional salt since cream of chicken soup is pretty salty to begin with.  The girls even ate seconds!

image source and recipe
Here's my favorite side dish lately...I even served it at our New Year's Eve party.  Another quickie and again...delish!  The first time I used the seasoning salt they recommended--yum.  On New Year's Eve I used dried dill instead--yummity, yum, yum!  I love all those crunchy edges! 

image source and recipe
And finally, a brand new one I just tried on Monday.  Again...everyone loved it which if you look at the ingredients was a bit of a (pleasant!) surprise to me!  I cooked the chicken in the taco seasoning and then added a bit more taco seasoning to the soup.  I actually Googled a taco seasoning substitute recipe since I was out of taco seasoning.  Turned out fabulously!  We ate it with some leftover cornbread instead of chips.

image source and recipe
Now...go ahead and try one!  Or better yet, share one of your favorite recipes below in the comments section for all of us to try!


  1. We tried the broccoli cheese soup- it was a total hit with Evie (2.5 bowls) and myself, to bad the rest of the family did not share our enthusiasm....


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