Photo of the Day--Day 13

Today's subject:  in your bag

I don't really have a bag!  I have purse, but aside from the fact that I carry OFF wipes with me (it's Alaska folks!) there's nothing very exciting in there.  And since I only carry it to town, there's not much in it, either.  But speaking of town, we're headed there tomorrow and "get ready to go to town" is on my to-do list for today, so I decided to show you what it takes to "go to town" with two little girls this time of year!

The laundry basket in back holds everyone's winter gear.  Outer jackets, warmer gloves, etc.  The stuff you need to have with you, but can't really wear in the car.  The girls pack their own backpacks now, full of whatever they want to play with on the way to and fro.  Then we have water for mama and the girls, snacks for the girls, their blankets, and the bag of things to return "as long as we're in town".  Not pictured: my purse, camera, Scott's gear, and the gear we'll wear.


  1. I Love your blog. It brightens up my day.

  2. Laundry baskets work good for all. Love the backpacks & also that the girls are good at packing what they want :-)


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