Recently someone here in town handed down an old paper making kit to us.  Kelsey has been begging to do it, so yesterday we finally tackled it.  10+ years ago (gasp!) during my first year of teaching I was lucky enough to have a visit from Debbie who was at the time doing outreach and education for Fort James Corporation.  My dad had introduced me to Debbie when I worked at the mill during the summer.  Debbie came and did an outstanding job of making paper with my students and teaching them about the process.  I tried to remember as much as I could from that visit since our kit came without the instruction manual!

First we tore up some paper scraps (that I had fished out of the garbage--yeah for recycling!).

Then we dumped them into the blender.  We added some water and blended them up!

We dumped our puree (pulp into the dishpan).  Because I don't have 6 hands I didn't photograph the next couple of steps.  I added more water into the dishpan because you really need the pulp to float.  Then we submerged our screen, put our top screen on and pressed out some excess water.

We removed some excess water by rolling as well. 

Then I put them on our cooling racks to allow them to dry a bit faster with better air circulation.

I am hoping to convince the girls to use them to create Valentines...I'll let you know how that goes!