Help me...PLEASE!!

So...I need some help! 

I really had fun with the January photo-a-day thing and I am going to continue it on into February.  The thing is that I can't decide if I should keep posting all of those photos here or create a separate blog for them.  Do you like seeing all of that when you come here or are you here mainly to read what's going on up here?

I know that my reading audience aren't big commenters, but *PLEASE* help me on this one.  Just leave me a quick little note in the comments section letting me know if you'd prefer one blog with it all, or two blogs--one with the usual Northern Lights Mama stuff and one with the photo a day.  *PLEASE*! 

Thanks for your help!


  1. You can keep posting photos here! :-)

  2. Hey! It's Shelley. Keep the photos coming! It's great to see what life is like in Whittier.

  3. I have been looking forward to seeing the daily photos and I enjoy them a lot. Keep them coming.

  4. I'm voting for keeping them here - I'm either too busy or too lazy to check on TWO blogs (and goodness knows I just have to keep up with the Korbes!)

    1. Agree with Sally. :-)

  5. LOVE seeing them here. . . .I vote to leave them.


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