Gettin' Outside!

As I'm sure I have mentioned here a time or two, the weather here is challenging.  Winter brings, wind, snow, and ice.  And more wind.  And more snow.  And more ice.  And so on...  So when it's decent outside we drop everything and go out.  We had a nice break last week after our snowpocalypse.  As soon as it stopped snowing the wind picked up and blew snow all over town.  The wind howled on and on and the temperatures plunged to near and below zero and we weren't able to go outside for 10 straight days.  We were all experiencing a touch of cabin fever, let me tell you!

Things settled down midweek and although the warmest temp we saw while outside was 5 degrees, the girls and I went out for 3 days in a row.  It's very unusual for us to see temps so cold...average winter temps here are in the upper 20's.  This winter has been different, that's for sure!  While heading to Girdwood the other day Scott and I saw temps as low as -36 degrees.  Yes. -36 degrees!  Ridiculous!!  Regardless, it was decent enough to go out for a little bit at least.

Saturday was another nice day.  A friend and I decided to hike up behind the BTI.  In the summertime it looks like this:

But right now it looks more like this:

Slightly different, eh?  It was a h.a.r.d. hike up and we didn't make it quite to the top.  The snow on Saturday was very windblown and hard (that was before temps went up 30 degrees and we got 24 inches of new snow on Sunday!).  The top is very steep and we reached a point where it just didn't seem safe to continue on snowshoes.  Not to mention the wind was blowing at the top making it very chilly, even though we were working hard!

So here's the view from the top...breathtaking, isn't it?

It was a great day to get outside!  We ventured down to the harbor where these two were keeping an eye on things.

We met up with Scott and the girls at the Inn at Whittier and warmed up cups of hot chocolate.  Then the girls talked me into going sledding.  Needless to say, I slept like a rock!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!


  1. Did you say you were stuck indoors for ten days? Oh my goodness. Now, that puts a whole new perspective on what I'll consider bad weather.
    Great pictures. When the sun is out, it must be gorgeous there.


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