What do you like to do?

Hmmmm...heavy topic here today!  Usually I keep it light and fun around here, posting about the cute stuff the kids do, the fun we have, etc.  Today however, I am ruminating on a totally different topic.  Me.

I have read and heard lots about women and our roles and identity.  We are so many different things, wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and more.  We grow and change with the phases of our lives.  Sometimes that growth is easy, but often it's a bit painful and scary.  As they say, growing up isn't easy...and are we ever really all grown up?

I remember my first days of college.  My dad driving me there, leaving me there. My excitement tempered by fear, tears coursing down my cheeks.   It was hard.  But I ended up having fun.  My first days of teaching--so exciting and yet so frightening.  And then babies.  Oh boy!  The circumstances surrounding my transition into motherhood were nothing if not terrifying.  But still..the excitement as we looked forward to the arrival of that little blessing.  Soon followed by the arrival of her sister.  And the cycle of fear of excitement has not stopped since!

Recently I was asked by someone what I liked to do.  I rattled off my stock answers, "I like to read, sew, knit, and cook."  Then I got a reply that has had me thinking ever since.  "Neat!  What else do you like to do?"  I admit--I wasn't sure how to answer!  I really do like to do all of the aforementioned things...but what else do I enjoy?

I realized that I am in one of those times of growth again.  My kids are growing.  They are both in school this year.  Not all day--we still have our afternoons.  Afternoons often marked by tired kids, running back and forth here and there, and general chaos.  A far cry from our comfortable routine of two years ago.  As I sit here my identity is shifting once again.  No longer am I the mother of two babies.  Nor two toddlers.  Not even two preschoolers.  As I look into the future I see these years of being a stay-at-home mom drawing to a close and me moving (not so gracefully) into the next phase of life.  I am not sure exactly what it will hold, but I can tell you that right now it has me thinking about getting to know myself a bit better.  What *do* I like?  Right now I can think of a few more things...

:: Spending time with my family!  I love Saturdays at home, spur of the moment picnics, and fun family outings.

:: Being outside!  Not vigorous hiking for miles on end, but I do like short hikes, meandering walks, snow shoeing, sledding, boat rides and reading books in the sun while the kids play at the park.

:: Dressing up on occasion!  Not going-to-the-prom formal, but every once in a while a girl likes to get dressed up and go out to a nice dinner.

:: Taking pictures!  This is probably not news to anyone who is a regular reader here, but when I think about how I really like to spend time taking pictures comes immediately to mind.

:: Hanging out with my girlfriends!  I love swapping stories, laughing, and hanging out with the ladies.

:: Museums!  Whenever we go some place new, I always look up where their museum is.  We don't always get to go, but I am prepared just in case.

It is fun to think about all of these things...I might just keep adding on to this list!


  1. ....you forgot "eating ice cream" as one of the things you like to do... :-) Seriously, though, transitions aren't always easy, and sometimes you really miss what you are leaving behind. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the neat, unexpected things that come your way as your girls grow up and you gain All That Wisdom that we (supposedly) get as we get older.

  2. You're right mom! I do love ice cream--how did that get left off my list??

    I think you're right too--lots of fun times ahead...and lots of smiles looking back!


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