Snowshoeing with the Girls

Our first winter here, Scott bought me snowshoes.  I had some friends here who were into snowshoeing and I really got into it to.  Last winter I bought a pair of used youth snowshoes, but the weather never really cooperated--crazy winds and not much snow!  I only got out once myself last winter and only Kelsey got a chance to try it (Stacy chose not to try).

Saturday was a rainy day here, but not so bad for kiddo snowshoeing.  Goodness knows we have *plenty* of snow (about 90 inches have fallen so far!), so I strapped the snow shoes on the girls one at a time and off we went.

We just did a little loop around town--nothing far away or difficult.  Stacy's loop took an hour and went like this: step, step, stop, chat--repeat for an hour.  She certainly had a *lot* to say yesterday when she was away from her sister!

Next it was Kelsey's turn.  That girl was on a mission!  Her loop took half and hour and we stopped once.  For, "Just one minute Mom.  I'm having too much fun!".

It was a great way to spend a drizzly morning!


  1. Good to see the girls our snowshoeing :-)


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