Our Jesse Tree

We first made a Jesse Tree last year.  I can't find where I got the set of ornaments we printed and colored last year, but we all loved the process so I found another set to do this year.  Each night we read a bible story (or two if we're behind!) and color an ornament that goes along with the story.  The idea is that you read stories covering 25 (or more if you choose to do it during all of Advent--we stick to starting Dec. 1) major people and stories of the bible.  It is a fun way to teach bible stories, discuss Christmas, and just spend some time together! This year we are using this set of ornaments and we are a bit behind so we still have about 10 ornaments to add--or in our case 20 since the girls each do one.  Stacy pointed out that next year we need a bigger tree.  I think I need to pay more attention next year so I cut out a more symmetrical tree shape!!