Christmas Eve

We had a fun Christmas Eve around here!  I went snowshoeing with some friends out to an area known here as Second Salmon Run.  It's part of the road to Shotgun Cove which is big doings around here!  It was an awesome hike...beautiful morning!  And we were gone for exactly the right amount of time, too!  Just as we got back to the car the wind kicked up and by the time we arrived back at the BTI it was snowing and blowing.

The above is the creek at Second Salmon Run.  It is fed by a waterfall that is amazingly beautiful in the summertime.

Later that evening we heard a whole lot of honking and such.  We dashed to the window and saw the fire truck headed up this way.  A little elf had told this mama that Santa would arrive via firetruck, so we dashed downstairs to be a part of the festivities.  Santa did arrive with his elf!

Santa and his elves distributed gifts and goodie bags to all of the kids in town.  The girls were *slightly* more comfortable around Santa this time.  I find the whole situation quite funny as the guy in the Santa suit is a close family friend of ours!  Of course the girls don't know that, but still...cute!

Then we were off to bed, visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads!


  1. wondeful. I am so glad this xmas that Santa's elf was able to particapate in making xmas special for many people :-)


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