Merry Christmas, Girls!

This past weekend, Scott and I gave the girls their Christmas present.  A trip to the fabulous H2Oasis in Anchorage!  Oh what fun!  And a little shout out to Groupon...thanks for offering passes for half price earlier this summer!  We first visited H2Oasis at the end of last winter when we were given a gift card to the place.  Basically it's an indoor water park complete with big slides, kiddo slides, wave pool, lazy river, and hot tubs for adults.  The perfect way to totally exhaust kids!  We loaded up our new Suburban with life jackets, swimsuits, and towels and headed off to town.  It pretty much goes without saying...the kids had a blast.  And so did the adults!

Usually I try to be pretty even in the number of pics I post of each kiddo, but since Stacy wasn't too hot on having her picture taken, there were fewer of her to choose from.  And Kelsey just had so many cute ones!

Stacy comes down the slide

 Kelsey splashes me at the bottom of the slide!

Kelsey waves to a friend watching from the observation deck

Kelsey under the mushroom waterfall


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