A Holiday Program

After *MUCH* preparation, the kids will present their holiday program tomorrow!  It is going to be fantastic, I promise you that!

They are acting out the book Snowmen at Night.  If you've never read the book it is so cute!  One of my all-time winter favorites.  It begins like this:

One wintry day I made a snowman, very round and tall.
The next day when I saw him he was not the same at all!
His hat had slipped, his arms drooped down, he really looked a fright.
It made me start to wonder...what do snowmen do at night?

It then follows the snowmen through the night as they go sledding, skating, drink cocoa, play baseball, etc.  The kids are going to be decked out as snowmen and dramatize the story.  I hope to have lots of pictures and perhaps even a video to share with you on Wednesday!