The Eve of Christmas Eve

We had a pretty busy and very fun day!  We've been working on baking up lots of goodies for gifts bags for our friends here in Whittier.  We wrapped up the baking with sugar cookies.  The girls were very excited to help out and we tried something new for decorating them, egg yolk painting. 

It was really easy, just separate out the yolks, add some food coloring (I used 4 drops) and paint away!

When you bake the cookies the egg yolk cooks up too, making it all safe to eat and coming out with very vivid colors!

One pan apiece was enough to paint apparently though--we put sprinkles on the next round.  The painting was fun enough that we saved the paints and have another batch of dough to chilling in the fridge to make more to keep at home today.

After the morning cookie baking we took advantage of the lovely weather and the four of us headed down to the skating rink.  Scott chose not to skate, but instead was our official photographer of the afternoon.  It was an afternoon right off of a Norman Rockwell painting!

An outdoor rink, no wind, snowflakes drifting gently was lovely!

 Then we loaded up all of our gift bags and went delivering.  It was a great way to spend an afternoon--enjoying the beauty around us and celebrating the spirit of giving!