Goodness!  We are recovering from quite a busy weekend here!  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving on Thursday, a nice little blizzard on Friday, more snow on Saturday, and even more on Sunday.  Today the sun has peeked out a bit and the winds have kicked up.  Forecasters are predicting a lovely winter storm for tomorrow night, so we're all holding our breaths to see what comes our way...will it be rain or snow??

On Saturday (while Scott was out plowing...again) the girls and I set up a little amateur photo backdrop in the living room and took some pictures.  I was trying to get a jump start on Christmas cards and such.  I must admit I was quite pleased with our results!  Here are a few of my favorites...as usual there are more over on Fotki...


Aren't they adorable??  I will admit I bribed them with ice cream.  Er...I mean I rewarded their cooperation with ice cream!


  1. Good pictures Andi--adorable girls :-)


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