A Week of Special Events

What a fun week this has been!  And busy, too!  There has been lots going on over at the school and pair that with catching up on the housework from last week when I was gone--makes for a few busy days.  Here's what we've been up to:

:: hauling 50ish yards of bark chips into our indoor playground at school
:: running a crafts afternoon at school with a friend
:: Meeting Dave Titus from Oklahoma who is a genius presenter for all ages

The three musketeers making letters with their strings
:: Hosting the kids from the Moose Pass, Cooper Landing, and Hope schools today for some arts time and then a show by the amazing Eric Gilliam of Anchorage

the three musketeers waiting for the magic show to start
So as you can see, it has been a busy week!  We've crammed a lot into three days of school.  We have some days off Thursday & Friday for teacher inservice, so we can all recover from all of the excitement!


  1. Let me get this straight- you purposefully hauled bark chips into a building? That just proves that the cold air has a strange effect on behavior 'cause that is just crazy talk :)

  2. Bark chips are a hole lot better then their so called dirt. Trueer words were never spoken--plus it does help some to keep it warmer for the kids & when they fall it is alot better then dirt. Atleast they have somewhere to play inside. Really it is nice place for the kiddo's to play. :-) Know it sounds different but it is a good thing for the inside play area. :-)

  3. Gwen: Would you like to borrow my book 'THE STRANGEST TOWN IN ALASKA" or their is a movie as well. Very interesting. :-)

  4. LOL Gwen! Yes, we did bring bark inside, crazy, huh? We have an unheated area that is our indoor playground since conditions are so inhospitable at our outdoor playground. You are right though...the cold is mind-numbing! :-)


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