A Trip Out of the Tunnel

Sometimes when it is winter and you live in Whittier you just need to get out.  Typically in the winter we just go to town once or twice a month, but sometimes you just need to get out of town and take a little break.  It seemed like a good idea this weekend, so we loaded up and headed off to Girdwood to one of our favorite hangouts, the library!  After the library we enjoyed a nice lunch at the girls' favorite Girdwood eatery, Chair 5.  The drive was beautiful, as you can see!

steam rising off Portage Lake at -9 degrees
view from the Girdwood Library
looking south (towards Whittier) along Turnagain Arm
looking north (towards Anchorage) along Turnagain Arm
We have had an unusually cold week of weather with temperatures in the teens and single digits and winds gusting up past 60mph for the last several days.  It is unusual for Whittier to get that cold, particularly this early.  As a result there have been a number of weather-related troubles in town the last few days.  It has warmed up some--to the 20's--so hopefully the worst of it is over.  Several businesses and the school have sustained damages from frozen/bursting pipes and such.  So it is pretty out there...but messy, too!


  1. Beautiful pictures. Very pretty :-)


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