Sparkly Play-Dough

Lots of posts here lately, huh?  Just wanted to share a quick crafting success we had here the other day.  We had an older friend come over to play (she's 8), so after the little girls were in bed she and I made a couple of batches of play dough; one for her to take home and one for Kelsey and Stacy.  Taking an idea I had seen on Pinterest, we dumped in a little glitter.  FUN!!  Glitter and I are not always on the best of terms since it is nearly the messiest, most impossible stuff to clean up on the planet.  Putting it in play dough is genius though--99% of it is stuck in there!  So far very little of it has shed and left a mess.

Here are my crummy, after dark photos of our pink and purple batches...kind of hard to see the sparkles, but they are there!

pink play dough on the table

purple play dough on my fab kitchen counter!

Happy play time! :-)


  1. I'm a little surprised that you even own any glitter...but to have found a non-messy use for it--excellent!!


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