Home Sweet Home

I am home!  Not surprisingly, everyone did just fine in my absence.  I was anxious about leaving them, but I had learned long ago that typically most of the anxiety is on my part.  Turns out it was true this time around as well...mostly anyway!  There were a few tears here and there when I called home, but overall my fab husband and wonderful friends held things together while I was away.  Some things I missed while I was gone:

:: hugging my family every day
:: eating homemade food
:: sleeping in my bed
:: hanging out with some of my favorite people

On the other hand it was nice to have a break from some of the more hum-drum household duties such as:

:: doing all of those dishes...by hand!
:: laundry
:: cleaning house

It was a fun conference.  I learned a great deal, met some great people, and had a great time.  But all in all, I am glad to be home!  And I promise some pictures next time...a post without pictures is just no fun to read!