A Four Day Weekend

We enjoyed a nice four day weekend at home this weekend!  The school had inservice on Thursday and Friday (and Saturday, too!  Ugh!), so there was no school for the kiddos.  Scott was off on Friday for Veteran's Day.  On Thursday Stacy made the following list of things she wanted to do over the weekend:

In case you need some help interpreting she wanted to:
     play outside
     play with Austin
     play inside
     have a tea party
     paint her fingernails

I'm happy to report that we got all but one done!

We played outside:

My attempt to take our picture myself!
We played with Austin and had movie night with him too:

Watching TV together!
We played inside:

The girls' classroom setup for playing school.

And of course, we painted our fingernails...and our toenails, too!
3 sets of hot pink toes!

We'll have to make sure to have a tea party this week, though!  It was a nice, (mostly) quiet weekend at home with friends and family.  The best kind!!  Hope yours was just as wonderful!