Weekend Project

Well.  After the tree house we kept things a little more low key this weekend!  I found this cool paper plate skeleton while surfing the web and thought the girls would have fun with it.  I printed out the templates, and made one change.  I made a shorter "arm bone" because it bothered me that the directions called for 3 bones in the legs to make them longer.  I realize the whole thing is not designed to be anatomically correct, but that's the sort of thing that K would pick up on!

cut, cut, cut!

A little chocolate on the face left from snack!

Stacy's finished product on our door

Kelsey chose to hang hers on their bedroom door
It's a lot of tracing and cutting, and then a lot of hole punching and tying, but they turned out pretty cute!


  1. They turned out really cute. Girls had alot of cutting here but did a good job :-)


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