Weekend Project

Lookie there!  When I downloaded photos today I found this picture.  I guess Moo Grandma must have taken it on Thursday morning when Kelsey did both her own and Stacy's hair.  Cute huh?

We made this cardboard tree house this weekend.  The idea came from the most recent Family Fun magazine.  The directions are also available online if you need one of your own!  It was lots of fun to make, but a bit more involved than I had realized at first glance.  They also didn't call for you attach the tree to the base at all except with tacky glue.  We opted for good old packing tape!  I reinforced lots of joints with it.  So far the girls are having a blast!  The one in the magazine shows using half paper towel rolls for slides from floor to floor.  Great idea, but we didn't have an empty one so we'll have to 'remodel' after we use up some paper towels!


  1. Very cute! If I had some cardboard I would maybe try this! Kari

  2. Kelsey did a really good dew on Stacy & her hair. Stacy never fussed once & let Kelsey do what she wanted too. :-)


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