Ten Things

I am having a great week!  Here are ten things that are making me happy right now...

:: Sunshine!  Such a rare and oh-so-wonderful treat.

:: Beautiful sunrises and sunsets--amazing the beauty that hides behind our omnipresent clouds

:: Soup!  Homemade split pea soup for dinner tonight

:: Sewing machines...mine are home from the shop!  I am waiting on some fab fabrics from Connecting Threads to make a new quilt.

:: Anne of Green Gables...my all time favorite books and movies!  My mom spoiled me with a 5 disc set of the movies.  I am watching them right now!

:: Knitting...my first pair of socks.  Actually my first sock...surely its mate will be completed at some point, right?

:: Teaching! I am getting my feet back into teaching a bit this year on a volunteer basis and I am loving (almost) every minute of it!

:: Little girls learning to read and write...such enthusiasm and independence!  Does a teacher-mama's heart good.

:: Boat rides on Prince William Sounds

:: My hubby...he always makes me smile!


  1. Hhmm, I am sure that no good will come of this learning to read. I am dreading the day Maggie looks and me and says "That is not what the sign says Mom".

  2. Anne of Green Gables. . . .LOVE!
    . . . and knitting a sock. . . go girl!!! (but remember you have TWO feet!)


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