Snow Before Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  This used to be my least favorite holiday of the year.  It still is, but I have learned to enjoy it a bit more with my kids.  Hopefully I will be able to share some pictures with you soon, but the next few days are promising to be busy, busy, busy in different areas of my life!  Posts may be a bit sporadic, but I'll try!

It started to snow here yesterday and before long it was accumulating.  Last time I was outside we had about 6 or so inches of the fluffy stuff.  It's still coming down, too!  Usually our first snow(s) melt within 24 hours, but not this one!  Here we are having some fun outside yesterday:

It made me smile the way the girls were SO excited to play outside.  I promise, the enthusiasm wanes by April!  Either way, it was fun again for a little while at least!