It's a....

...pile of fabric!  Hopefully (maybe soon?) it's going to look kinda like this though:

image source

I ordered the fabric from Connecting Threads.  It's my first time ordering from them, but the fabric feels wonderful!  Ironically, Connecting Threads is headquartered in good 'ol Vancouver, WA!  Anyway...I'm excited to chop it all up and start sewing!  The quilt is for (gasp!) ME!  We are currently using a quilt my mama made for me when I was a little girl.  It's starting to come apart in a few places, so I want to make another for our daily snugglin' so we don't completely ruin this one.  I felt like something colorful since we're headed into winter, so I chose the Folk Heart line.  Hopefully it's not *too* colorful!


  1. Hey, I think it looks like a terrific choice of fabrics, Andrea! Just the ticket for the upcoming dark days.


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