Houston...we have a problem...

Good news...I finished the aforementioned sock last night!

Bad news...it's a *tad* too big. 

Guess I have a little ripping and re-knitting to do, eh??


  1. Hey, don't you like the part where it makes your foot look small?? :-)

  2. Sorry you have to frog but it looked great!

  3. hahahah cute post and super funny photo! Barefoot mama

  4. Does Scott need 'a' sock??? Try the next one on while it is still on the needles. Finish it 2 inches short and then knit the toe. I need someone in my family who has one foot bigger than the other and one arm longer than the second. I measure very carefully from now on. . . .I know how to - what I call - unkint. . . . going backwards without leaving the needles! Should give it a try!


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