Boat Ride

One of the great things about living in a coastal town is the myriad opportunities to get out on the water.  I took advantage of one such opportunity with a friend of ours on Sunday.  I was asked by a local business owner to take some pictures along the way for them to use for publicity and advertising.  No problem!

Our first stop was in Poe Bay where we got to watch a pair of sea lions feeding.  This is one of my favorite shots of the day!

Then we headed on over into Blackstone Bay to see Blackstone Glacier. On our way to see the glacier, we spotted this eagle keeping an eye on us.

Then we popped into this hidden little waterfall, where we were treated to the pretty rainbow as well!

There were more sea lions along the way...

...and another rainbow underneath this overhanging glacier (the name of which I cannot remember)!

We hung out in front of Blackstone glacier for a bit, and were lucky enough to watch it calve.
Then we stopped for a bit to get off the boat and walk around.

And on the way back we saw this raft of adorable sea otters!  What a wonderful way to spend a sunny Sunday...many thanks to all who made it possible for me to float away for a bit!


  1. BEAUTIFUL! love this photographs.... HI, I'm Barefoot Mama in TX

  2. Welcome, Barefoot Mama! Thanks for stopping by...


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