Stacy's First Day of Preschool

Sheesh!  I imagine I'm not the only one with two totally different kids.  On one had I have Kelsey.  Some days I swear if she could climb back into my womb she would.  Anything new or different causes her major anxiety.  On the other hand I have Stacy.  Stacy who will talk to almost anyone and just may wander off with them too!  Needless to say, Stacy's first day of preschool went much differently than Kelsey's.  We all ate breakfast at school, the girls lined up with their classes and Stacy walked off.  No leg clinging, no tears, no looking back.  Just off with her classmates.  What a proud moment!

Here's my preschooler...

Happy, proud, and independent!


  1. Happy, proud, independent AND pretty darn cute!

  2. A big girl you are starting PreSchool. Glad you enjoyed your first day. :-)


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