Denali 2011--Part 2

We headed south to Denali on Saturday afternoon.  We stopped by the visitor's center, visited the bookstore, and checked in at the wilderness access center to get our driving permit and our campground spot.  Then we met up with some of my friends from Whittier and had dinner at Prospector's Pizzeria.  Yum! 

The next morning we got up EARLY and left for the drive.  We drove to Kantishna (the end) and then meandered back, stopping frequently for pictures!


We got so lucky with the weather!  A gorgeous day.  It was raining when we went to bed the night before, but the day dawned clear and the clouds around the mountain mostly cleared out for some beautiful pictures!  Though we didn't spot any wildlife on our way in, we did spot two groups of bears on our way out and several flocks of sheep.  It was so much fun to share that experience with my sister and uncle!

As we exited the park we made a quick stop at the Murie Science and Learning Center.  We stayed one more night in our camp site, then headed out early Monday morning to take my sister back to the airport.  It was a whirlwind trip, but lots of fun!!