A Morning in the Sun

One sunny and breezy morning last week, Chris and I decided to take the girls over to the Portage Valley to see the spawning salmon heading up stream and to take a little hike.  We planned to wrap up the morning at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and picnic there.  What a wonderful way to spend the morning!  Although it was quite windy here in Whittier, we found it to be just perfect on the other side of the tunnel.  Sunny, warm, and just enough wind to keep the ever-present bugs down.

First stop, the fish viewing station...

Then a little hike...

Kelsey watching for fish
Stacy watching for birds
beautiful Portage Valley
Then a visit to the Conservation Center...

Stacy and Jack the moose

Kelsey and Jack
We all enjoyed ourselves and we were home for afternoon rest time...what a lovely way to spend a morning!