Craft Time With the Girls

Microwave puff paint, another fun kiddo craft courtesy of Pinterest!  Here's the blog post that I found via Pinterest.

Basically it goes like this:

1 part self-rising flour (I used the substitute listed in the front of my BH&G cookbook)
1 part salt
water to make a paste
food coloring

Paint it onto heavy paper or cardboard, and microwave it.  Most of ours took 10 seconds to puff and dry.  I did 5 second intervals, checking between each.  A great rainy-day activity!

the paint in a mini-muffin tin, ready to go

painting in action
after you zap it in the microwave
our gallery of masterpieces


  1. I saw this on a blog that I read and wanted to try it! So cool! :-) Kari S.


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