Craft Time With the Girls

A while back I joined Pinterest.  A huge timesucker, but also lots of cool inspiration for just about anything.  Photo poses, craft projects, sewing projects, gift ideas, etc.  It works like a virtual bulletin board where you can "pin" pictures as you browse the web and it pins the picture and remembers to website where it comes from.  One step up from 'bookmarking' in your browser because you get the visual aspect of it.  You can also find 'tastemakers' whom you can follow as well as hooking up with your friends who are madly pinning away as well.

As I was whiling away a naptime some time ago, I came across the following idea:

image source
 What fun!  Last week while it was raining (and raining!) the girls and I gave it a try. 

Turns out it takes a long time to fill in basic shapes with pencil erasers, so we ventured into fingerprint art. 

Stacy's work

Kelsey's work

Mama's masterpiece
The girls had lots of fun with these projects, so I ordered this book from the library.  Should be fun!

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