A Weekend in Whittier

We had a lovely weekend just hanging out a home!  Scott enjoyed some time on the water both Saturday and Sunday, so the girls and I did a few fun things that have been rolling around in my head for awhile...we

:: painted fingernails and toenails
:: made spaghetti dogs

:: made some masterpieces for Mom's bedroom wall

Stacy's representation of the BTI (in blue) and surrounding grass and tree

Kelsey's painting of the plants in our living room windowsill

:: made cheeseburger pizza (yum!)
:: did some Christmas shopping around Whittier
:: accidentally learned to ride a bike without training wheels

Pure joy!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend, too!


  1. Appears you ladies had an enjoyable weekend & Scott as well. Kelsey is one happy person riding her bike by herself :-)


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