Some Numbers for You

I'm working on a post summing up our weekend, but have been interrupted about 19 times! It will be done soon, but in the meantime here are some numbers from our weekend:

12 moose in two days
1 trip to McDonald's
1 clam dug by *ME* on the first trip of 2010
99 clams dug by *ME* on the first day of the first trip of 2011
31 consecutive holes that netted me 32 clams on Saturday
1 trip to Wal Mart for ibuprofen
2 new clam guns
19 gallons of diesel
1 audio book (Socks, by Beverly Cleary--the girls loved it!)
280+ miles
1.3 million words spoken by two little girls in truck
2 five gallon buckets of clams
5 hours cleaning clams
18 pounds of clam meat

Whew! No wonder I'm tired!


  1. gdpa moo says you sound like Toots your whinning.


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