Quiet Here

It's been a little quiet here on the blog. It's summer, and we've been outside! As all you mamas out there know, housework is challenging when you are inside with the kiddos, but it's even more challenging when you're outside! We literally pack up to go outside, come in and dump it all, and eat and sleep. It's messy. But it's fun! And that's what childhood should be all about in my humble opinion!

In other news, I've discovered Pinterest. Another fantastic time waster, it's like a virtual bulletin board where you can 'pin' up things that interest or inspire you. You can follow your friends and 'repin' their finds, and browse the finds of strangers as well. Fun!

And finally...I'm going fishing tomorrow! Scott and I are headed out on the water tomorrow, so hopefully we'll come home with some yummy fish for the table and freezer. Yum!