Out on the Water

Thanks to a generous boat captain, a wonderful husband, and a very kind friend I was able to take a halibut fishing trip last week.  I caught a 30 pound fish at the very end of the trip, but the real highlight for me was the wildlife!  Words cannot begin to describe how incredible it was.

First the humpback whales.  We ran into several of them in the Culross Pass area.  They were apparently enjoying showing off and we watched them for 15 or 20 minutes. As usual I took *many* pictures, but this is my favorite.

As we came out of Culross Pass, we ran into a bit of fog and I snapped this shot.

Soon we were anchored up and fishing.  After a bit of fishing, we got the call to reel in FAST and NOW!  A pod of Dall's porpoises were headed our way.  They must have been chasing a ball of bait fish that decided to hide out under our boat, because they swam around and under our boat for at least 20 minutes.  They are fast swimmers, capable of up to 55mph, which coincidentally makes them difficult to photograph.  I did get a few good shots of them though!

We moved around a bit, caught 8 halibut for the boat, and then headed back in.  It was such a gorgeous sunny day!

And our hot deckhand filleted all of our fish for us on the way home!

It was such a great way to spend a sunny day...on beautiful Prince William Sound!

PS...We've been returned to our regularly scheduled programming...it's raining sideways today!


  1. Yes it is a wonderful way to spend a nice day on Prince William Sound. Good pictures. Good deckhand. :-)

  2. With a deckhand that fillets for you how can you not have a great day :)


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