Going on a car trip....

Since the advent of automobiles (or since Henry Ford's assembly line made them affordable, anyway) people have been taking car trips. Without kids. And with kids. The former being much easier to pack for than the latter! As I'm sure you know, any trip with kids requires a *little* extra planning and a *little* extra preparation. I have a bag dedicated to 'trip toys' that I only bring out on special trips, which is pretty much anything farther away than Anchorage. As the girls have aged, the bag has changed of course. We're headed off clamming, so here is what's in the bag for this weekend:
  1. books on CD
  2. clipboards with dot-to-dots, mazes (some of my faves from here), color by number pictures, coloring sheets, and blank paper
  3. Brain Quest decks
  4. I-Spy bags (see below)
  5. books (I-Spy books arriving soon from PaperBackSwap)

The idea of the I-Spy bags was a new one to me, but after seeing numerous offerings online I decided it was something I could tackle at home. I bought the novelty buttons from an E-Bay seller and used scraps for the rest. I took a photo of the buttons (50 in each bag) and attached it as a reference. Someday (when I'm not sewing these for a trip tomorrow!) I will also put a picture of each button with the words on a card to help foster those beginning reading skills. Someday.

Sooo...with that stuff packed (and lots of clothes, boots, towels, and plastic bags) we're off for a weekend of fun.

How about you? What's your favorite way to keep your kiddos entertained in the car?


  1. nice idea. Have a good time :-)


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