Crafts of Late

Here's the craftiness the girls and I have been up to this week:

shaving cream & food coloring bathtub paints

patriotic sponge painting
paper pals (S on left, K on right)

a little bit about Stacy
In case you can't read the above:
I am Stacy Stacy Stacy Stacy.
I like to go to the ice cream shop.
I don't like to leave my grandma's house.
I like to eat pears.
I like to play blocks.
When I grow up I want to be a pediatrician.

a little bit about Kelsey
In case you can't read the above:
I am Kelsey.

I like to play dog.
I don't like to sit in a chair.
I like to eat fresh vegetables.
I like to play hide and seek.
When I grow up I want to be an artist.

The girls recently hatched a plan where Stacy will be a pediatrician and Kelsey will be an artist.  Kelsey will "make art" to hang in Stacy's office so it will make people smile and they'll want to buy it.  Seems like a pretty good business plan to me!

I-Spy Bottles
Remember the I-Spy bags I made earlier this month?  Well the girls loved them, but I made them so big that they were *heavy* and I worried about them springing a leak in the backseat.  I came across this idea on a number of blogs, so I re-did the I-Spy bags into I-Spy bottles.  Much lighter and with hot-glued lids, much less likely to spread rice all over the backseat.  Win-win!