We made our first clamming trip of the season this past weekend! Moo Grandpa was in town, so we all loaded into the truck and headed south. We had lots of fun clamming last summer, so we were looking forward to going again this year. It didn't disappoint!

After reading this article about a major clam die-off last fall and this article about a clam survey done this spring, I was curious to see how clamming would go this time around. Contrary to the survey's findings, we found that clams this year were bigger. I also think they were farther up the beach and easier to find! Yipee for us! We dug (and dug, and dug, and dug) on Saturday and Sunday and then we cleaned (and cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned) when we got home. Scott cleaned for 5 straight hours with intermittent help from Chris and I. Wowza!

The weather was so-so, so the pictures are a bit sparse, but here are a few for you:

Eagles were all over this weekend!

I took a picture of them taking picture...