Whittier Creek

Whittier Creek runs out behind the BTI, down next to the campground, the paid parking lot, under the bridge and out into the sound. During the summer it's difficult to access because the easiest place to walk to it is a through a campsite which is generally occupied. We visited on Monday when it was nice and sunny. Like all kids, mine *love* water. Kelsey has a bit of an issue with depth perception, though. I think we need to find her some kiddie hip waders!

It starts off well enough...

...but before you know it there's something in her boot.

Look closely...see the water dripping off her sock?

And the water running out of her boot?

Stacy preferred a different route, stomping the edges of the snow into the water. Luckily she avoided falling in!

A great way to spend a sunny Monday, eh? Too bad it was followed by showery Tuesday and rainy Wednesday. But we won't get into all of that today...


  1. Priceless--girls had fun :)


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